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Sightlines 04/08/2022 - Show 15 - Body and SoulDPAGS
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Sightlines 15: Body and Soul

The Dunedin Hospital art collection may be one of the most-viewed collections in the city, but have you ever wondered how extensive it is, or how it started? Join two prominent members of the Dunedin Hospital Art Advisory Committee, Barbara Brinsley and Nicola McClymont, as they discuss the past, present, and future of this amazing collection. 


Your monthly guide to the visual arts in Dunedin and beyond. Join presenter Sally McMillan in conversation with art creators, collectors, conservators, and curators.

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Sightlines 07/07/2022 - Show 14 - How To Collect Art Part 3DPAGS
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Sightlines 14: How to Collect Art Part 3

Local collectors Ross Grimmett and David Bell discuss the delights and pitfalls of collecting, the role their collections have played in their lives, and how collecting art has influenced their thinking.

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Sightlines 02/06/2022 - Show 13 - Focus on PhotographyDPAGS
00:00 / 25:37

Sightlines 13: Photography in Focus

Dunedin-based photographers Murray Eskdale and Rachel Hope Allan discuss how they use photographic technologies,  the lengths they will go to to get the right shot, and what inspires them, from the contours of urban architecture to the grit and beauty of Japanese landscape and culture.

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Sightlines 05/05/2022 Nigel Brown: A Distinctive Visual Language DPAGS
00:00 / 26:29

Show 12 - Nigel Brown: A Distinctive Visual Language

Esteemed NZ painter and printmaker Nigel Brown traces the development of his practice from a shaky start at art school, through the influence of his work life, creative collaborations with writers, and a lifelong commitment to growth through experimentation.

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Sightlines 07/04/22 The Art of Returning HomeDPAGS
00:00 / 26:49

Show 11 - Art of Returning Home - Expatriate Kiwi artists Craig Easton and Pete Wheeler discuss the challenges and rewards of establishing a thriving art career overseas in Australia, Germany, and China, and what it's been like to return home. 

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Sightlines 03/03/2022 - Show 10 - How to collect art Part2DPAGS
00:00 / 23:39

Show 10 - How To Collect Art Part 2 - Local art lovers Jules Gross and Jules Radich talk about what inspired them to start collecting, what guides them when they buy art, and how their collections have evolved over time.

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Sightlines 24/01/2022 - Show 09 - How To Collect Art Part 1DPAGS
00:00 / 24:29

Show 09 - How To Collect Art Part 1 - If you've ever wanted to collect art, but don't know where to begin, we may be able to help! Hilary Radner (RDS Gallery) and Liz Fraser (Gallery De Novo) talk about their personal journeys to becoming gallery directors, and offer valuable insights on how to build your own art collection.

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Sightlines 27/12/2021 - Show 08 - Tauraka Toi, A Landing PlaceDPAGS
00:00 / 25:29

Show 08 - Tauraka Toi, A Landing Place - DPAG Director Cam McCracken and Vicki Lenihan from the Ngai Tahu Paemanu artists' collective discuss the challenges and rewards of their successful ongoing collaboration on a stunning series of exhibitions showcasing contemporary Maori art. 

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Sightlines 22/11/2021 - Show 07 - The Natural History of Jane DoddDPAGS
00:00 / 25:55

Show 07 - The Natural History of Jane Dodd - talks about her artistic training, the evolution of her career, and her predominant creative themes, including a longstanding fascination with the relative places of humans and animals in the natural world.

Sightlines 25/10/2021 - Show 06 - Creative FuturesDPAGS
00:00 / 24:26

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Show 06 - Creative Futures - This week, we focus on the Otago Polytechnic School of Art, and two recent graduates, Nona Shackelton and Kaye de la Cruz. What are their plans and career aspirations? What is the state of the current market? And what does a creative future in contemporary NZ look like?

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Sightlines 27/09/2021 - Show 05 - In Celebration of CeramicsDPAGS
00:00 / 23:45

Show 05 - In Celebration of Ceramics - In honour of the Diamond Jubilee exhibition of NZ Potters at the Otago Art Society, Ross interviews Moyra Elliott, doyenne of NZ ceramics, for a brief but fascinating history of the evolution of pottery in this country.

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Sightlines 26/07/2021 - Show 04 - Small Town, Big ArtDPAGS
00:00 / 26:00

Show 04 - Small Town, Big Art - Sally hears from Director Jim Geddes about the origins and growth of Gore's Eastern Southland Art Gallery, including the remarkable story of how Jim acquired the John Money collection, which forms the core of the Gallery's holdings. 

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Sightlines 28/06/21 - Show 03 - The Back of the PaintingDPAGS
00:00 / 26:34

Show 03 - The Back of the Painting - Join Linda Waters, Conservator of Painting at Te Papa, and Jenny Sherman, Conservator at our own DPAG, for a glimpse into their world. How do they restore and preserve irreplaceable artworks, and what secrets are revealed in the process? 

Sightlines 24/05/2021 - Show 02 - Fashion ForwardDPAGS
00:00 / 25:05

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Show 02 - Fashion Forward - A lively discussion of the interface between art, fashion, and design with Craig Scott, Head of Exhibitions and Creative Services at Otago Museum , and Dr Margo Barton, Professor and Academic Leader for Fashion at Otago Polytechnic. 

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Sightlines 26/04/2021DPAGS
00:00 / 25:17

Show 01 - 26/04/21

Public Art in Dunedin

A spirited discussion of public art in Dunedin with DCC arts advisor Lisa Wilkie, and public artists Katrina Thomson, Ross Sinclair, and Ayesha Green